As many of you know cats are carniviorus (They eat meat) but sometimes they prefer vegatation, such as grass, so it is helthy for a indoor cat to eat, or nibble grass, here is a list of eddible

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Shellfish
  • Believe or not, pasta in tomatoe sauce
  • Small rodents and birds(Mice)
  • Milk,Not to much
  • And of course Cat food!

Now be sure not to feed you cat just pasta, Mix it with alot of food, about 1-2\4 of pasta, Not to much milk etheir, it creates sedement along the brain and the cat dies,

So only acasionly about four to eight table spoons, or fill a small medicine inserter with milk and add it to your cats water.

Delious and nutrisous!

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